AdXcelerator relies upon patent pending data driven Mobile Dynamic Creative Optimization (mDCO) to deliver the right ad creative at the right price every time. It is the first DSP to provide intelligent creative optimization with an integrated Data Management Platform for retargeting and lookalike modeling and Real Time Bidding for dynamic price optimization.

Here's how it works:


Advertisers can test unlimited combinations of creative elements such as the offer, the image, the call to action,the background and animation. Our mDCO™ technology assembles thousands of real-time rich media ad creative element combinations so that a designer does not have to build every combination individually. AdXcelerator creative typically outperforms static ads by 2x to 3x.


Mobile Dynamic Creative Optimization (mDCO) is much more than A/B testing different ad creatives. AdXcelerator tests different components of each ad such as the offer, image, color, and animation. We compile the perfect ad in real time for each user. With multivariate testing, we test ad creative against various user segments and context. AdXcelerator houses first and third party data such as demographic, interest, location, purchase and behavioral, as well as contextual data. We dynamically generate the perfect ad creative for each individual user in real time according to context, such as weather, time of day, geo, etc.


Adxcelerator's patent pending hierarchical optimization technology rapidly finds high performance sweet spots and creates a perfect ad campaign by serving perfect ad creative to the perfect audience via the perfect media placement at the perfect price, all in real-time. Adxcelerator delivers advertisers' dream of getting "the right message, to the right user at the right price.


AdXcelerator uncovers invaluable insights for Marketers by quickly identifying what marketing messages, ad copy, imagery, calls to action work best, who their best target segments are; and how, when and where to reach them. Marketers can then rollout these valuable learnings across all their marketing campaigns.

Marketers can also create and download custom reports via the AdXcelerator dashboard to drill down into the data and apply the insights across other marketing channels.

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Artsai's patent pending Mobile Dynamic Creative Optimization technology (mDCO) maximizes conversion probability by dynamically generating the perfect ad creative in real time for each user from multiple rich ad elements.

Our AdXcelerator Demand Side Platform builds upon the power of mDCO technology, adding Data Management and Real Time Bidding, providing a single solution for optimizing creative, audience and media to deliver a 2X lift in campaign performance.

Founded in 2011, Artsai is located in Pleasanton, CA.

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